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If you are someone working in HR or Talent acquisition or if you are a Hiring Manager, this blog is a must read for you.

A bit about my background

I am the Founder of Intervue, a platform to streamline tech interviews.

Prior to Intervue, I have been an Engineer for about 7 years, working…

I was a Software Engineer for 7 years and took over 500+ tech interviews before becoming a SaaS Founder.

I worked at product based organisations in India and saw amazing growth as the my tech teams grew pretty quickly in number.

I was taking a lot of tech interviews over Zoom/Teams and other tools. …

  • “An engineer with product sense is 10x better than the one without it!”
    Follow this rule religiously if you are building a lean team.
  • Network like your hiring depends on it. Because it does.
    Your network and great cold emails are the key to hiring great people.
  • Sourcing candidates for…

Shortest guide with a variety of questions to develop a knack to solve DS/Algo problmes

By Rahul Arora, Founder Intervue

Why you should read this?

There are N number of directions to go into when preparing for a technical interview. This guide is a summary of my experience and one single direction that can be…

Rahul Arora

Founder at intervue.io

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